038-My 3 Little Piggies Product: 038 - My 3 Little Piggies   
Download Price: $10.00
Kit Price: $13.00

So fat and cuddly and just 3 inches tall, this little piggie will fast become a favorite. Make one or all three, the choice is yours. One little piggie is called Baby June, she wears a bow by her ear. One little piggie is from France, his name is Randy and wears a felt berete'. Terrry is Super Piggy and wears a super cape. This is a fun and easy project and is great for the beginner. Make this piggie completely by hand, by machine or use both. Simple little eyes and a snout that is adorable. This doll is put together with simple string joints.
For Download Purchase: This pattern and instructions will be sent to you in a PDF format so that you can start making him right away. I also offer this as a kit so that all you need to add is the stuffing.

For Kit Purchase (mailed to you): The kit includes the pattern and instructions on a CD in a PDF format, enough light pink craft velour to make at least 3 piggies.

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034-Shabby Baby Bunnies Kit Product: 034 - Shabby Baby Bunnies Kit    
Price: $18.00

Theses little bunnies are quick and easy to make. Very little sculpting. Because these bunnies are string jointed they can sit or stand. Each bunny stands about 4 inches tall. Two different ear styles give you lots of variation. Loads of ideas for decorating your bunnies are included in this one pattern. Pattern is on paper and the instructions are on a CD containing lots of colorful pictures to help make your bunnies. This kit comes with the paper pattern, CD instructions, fleece in three colors, the face fabric, ribbons, floss and three bunny tails. Make these for Easter gift giving. appox. 4 inches tall

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Beginners Kit & Guide Product: Beginners Kit & Guide    
Price: $45.00

This is my beginnerís kit to make a 14 inch Dinky Baby. This kit includes the booklet I use in my classes to teach my doll making techniques. Step by step you will learn how to make a Dinky Baby. Learn how to lay out your pattern and how to find the stretch in the fabric. You will see how to stuff the body correctly and put it together. Embroider the eyes and have success by following my guide. Sculpting and attaching the head is easy when you know how. Fingers and toes are not a problem when you follow the easy step by step photos. You will have success every time with this simple guide. This guide has 80 pages of great instructions and photos. This guide is in black and white. The pattern to make a 14 inch Dinky Baby is included along with instructions on how to turn a recycled onesie into a two piece outfit. This kit comes with the onesie, diaper and wrist band. You will get enough fabric to make one doll. Included are the needles required for sculpting.

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033-Pocket Bunny Kit Product: 033 - Pocket Bunny Kit    
Price: $18.00

Theses 5 inch bunnies are from my "Pocket Doll" collection. They are so quick and easy to make, you may want to make them with your children. They make great little gifts or put them in your Easter baskets. This kit contains all you need to make three bunnies. All you need to add is your time and some polyfil. This kit comes with fleece in three colors, the face fabric, floss, ribbons, and three bunny tails. Make these for Easter gift giving. (If you are making these with children, use fabric markers to draw the faces.) This pattern is on paper and instructions are on a CD in a PDF format.

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073-Teenee Preemee Kit Product: 073 - Teenee Preemee Kit    
Price: $22.50

This little one measures just 8 1/2 inches long when she is laying on her back, when she is sitting she is just under 5 1/2 inches. This wee one is string jointed and so easy to make. This baby has a new simple sculpted nose application that is quick and easy. This kit includes the fabric to make the baby, fleece for her blanket, tuft for her hair, knit fabric for her hat, and a preemie diaper. This pattern is on paper and the instructions are on a CD in a PDF format. A portion of the sales from this kit are being donated to help raise funds for pre-term babies. For more information please visit

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063- Pink Bunny Suit Kit Product: 063 -  Pink Bunny Suit Kit    
Price: $17.50

Make a bunny suit for your Dinky Baby! This bunny suit will fit the 14 inch (003) Dinky Baby and the 13 inch (001) NewBorn Baby. All you need to make one bunny suit is included. Make a bunny suit for all your Dinky Babies and give them as gifts. (Kit makes just one bunny suit). This kit makes a pink bunny suit. Doll pattern sold separately. This kit includes: Fleece for one bunny suit, Bunny tail, Ribbon, 2-buttons,Pipe cleaner, Ribbon rose, Paper Pattern & CD in a PDF format with step by step instructions.

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